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As an American living in Amsterdam for a year, I have been exposed to the eccentric and popular cannabis culture.

Like most American’s, on my first trip to Amsterdam, I was excited to explore the world of Marijuana. As fun as it is, it can be overwhelming?
Where should you go?

What kind of weed should you buy?

Whats hash?

Are Pre-Rolled Joints  good enough to get you high?!

Questions that took me much trial and error.

I learned Dutch for myself after being here so long, and tried an experiment. I went into a certain coffee shop, pretending to be an American Tourist. I asked which was the strongest best weed, I could buy. I was told that the” snow white” weed was the strongest they had, and only cost 10 Euros. I bought a gram and then left.

10 minutes later, I sent a Dutch speaking friend in. He asked in Dutch, if the snow white weed is the best? The shop owner said “Nee hoor!”, and promptly directed my friend to the best weed, and gave him a gram, for 8 Euros.

Needless to say, I realized that some shop owners take advantage of the language barrier, and obvious lack of knowledge I had about weed. I doubt all owners are like this, but it can be a frustrating experience for those who can’t come back to Amsterdam any day they want.
You want the best experience now!

My tour is a relaxed and casual way to explore the right coffee shops, and learn about its history.

Voted the Coolest Walking-Tour Amsterdam has to offer.
Private Tours and groups of up to 25 are welcome!

Ages 17+
Try us today!



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